Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ah, Grasshopper

"I like grasshoppers because they catch the mean bugs in their wings and eat them.
Then they spit them out and put them in jail where they can't fly into my eyes.
Yeah, I like grasshoppers. They're my buddies.
They protect me from the bad guy bugs."
--@, Nov '07

As if "Adventures in Shredded Soy Cheese" on the kitchen floor wasn't enough. Or even the color commentary as Benny and George the lizards fought fires in the hallway. @ had one heck of a creative day.

In addition to lizards, cheese, and grasshoppers... He supervised my morning housecleaning (from his stepladder perch while wearing his bike helmet) and afternoon cooking (apple pie and chicken enchiladas to stock the freezer). He helped with the shopping ("Mommy, I want to get daddy a Bob the Builder t-shirt for his birthday"). He sat blissfully calm during his haircut while every other little boy in the place was screaming like a banshee in a beartrap.

Oh, and before putting on his jam-jams, my little goofball walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but the giant felt flower head I made to wear for Halloween when he was one and dressed as a bee.

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