Friday, April 25, 2008

Industrial Sundae

Once upon a time there was a worker named @. He was very good at working hard and had lots of buddies who liked to help him. One day, @ decided he was a little bit hungry, so he decided to build some dessert.

First, @ used an excavator to dig a big bowl in the ground. Then he drove his tractor to the warehouse and used the scoop to get some chocolate chip cookies. He carefully brought them back to the jobsite and put them in the bowl.

Blue Doggie drove his backhoe to the ice cream factory and got a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, brought it back, and put it on the cookies. Then he went back for a big scoop of chocolate ice cream. Then he went back again for a big scoop of strawberry ice cream.

Engineer Doggie drove the tanker truck to the chocolate sauce station and filled it up the whole tank with chocolate sauce. He drove back to the jobsite and used the hose to put the chocolate sauce on top of the ice cream.

Kermit got his cement mixer and went to the dairy for some fresh milk and turned on the mixer. By the time he got to the jobsite, he had a full truck of whipped cream. @ and Blue Doggie used the chute on the truck to put the whipped cream on top of the chocolate sauce.

Then Luke drove the cherry picker to the farm and found the best cherry in the entire orchard. When Luke got back to the giant bowl, @ used the boom lift to put the cherry on the very tippy top of the sundae.

Then @ called all of his friends and his mama, daddy, Gramma Karen, Uncle Dave, Grampa Doug, and Grampa Don and told them all to bring their biggest spoons so they could help him eat his sundae. After they finished eating, they were so full that they all went and took a big nap on blankets on the grass under a big tree.

The End.