My Breakup with a Silicon Valley Giant

First things first: I was not in a relationship with a really tall tech nerd. I worked for a really big tech company. Just in case you're confused.  I held onto this post for two years before publishing it. You know, just to make sure the steam had cleared from my ears. It's pretty much an accepted part of 21st century Silicon Valley life that you'll be hit by a layoff somewhere along your career. But it's a gut punch when it happens, even if you have the confidence of knowing you'd done great work and it's about politics and budgets vs. performance. Even though I'm mostly a dog person, I went the feline route and landed on my feet quickly in a new role.  That said, I still haven't figured out my break-up song. But it definitely includes less cathartic yelling than the original Linkin Park candidates. I'm trying to figure out my breakup song. It's not sappy and wistful. Honestly, it's a bit edgier, but I've chilled out since "the day

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