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@ Defines Talent

"Nate can make arm farts and Ian can make leg farts. They're really talented. Mom, real-sounding fart noises are hard to do." What's a mom to do? Well @, I hope you come up with some different talents. "Well I can make mouth farts, but that's not as hard to do. But mine sound real. See???" Are you prepared to say "excuse me" every time you make that noise? "phbbbt, excuse meez. phbbbt, excuse meez..." and on, and again, and on all the way from the parking lot through the first few minutes of shopping in Trader Joes. Saved by the banana display with the animatronic monkey. Phew!

New Hobbies for Halliburton

Certain degenerates at Halliburton and KBR will soon need new hobbies. Why? Victims of their previous hobbies will now be able to take legal action against them. Where once protected they're now subject to at least one rule of human decency. A certain headline on SFGate caught my attention this morning: The Gang Rape and the Republicans I'm not sure what nerve it touched -- is it because I'm a woman? liberal? HUMAN? But I clicked through. Mark Morford can be pretty aggressive, so I wanted to see what had raised his hackles. And oh, yeah, I get it. I read his column, looked at some more information, and yep -- I wanna hurl. Twice. What did I learn? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Wait, already knew that. Money is the root of all evil. Wait, knew that too. There are people for whom power and money are so shiny that they've lost all sense of human decency. Wait, I'm sorry, let me correct that. It's not possible for them to have human decency -- they