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Two-Wheel Adventures

New roads, goofy friends, and lots of laughing. That's an understatement -- the part about the laughing. Maybe goofy is an understatement too. And on our last ride, some of the roads were really, really new. As in they were being paved as we rode by. Riding a motorcycle on a brand-new road is kinda like hot fudge on a sundae: smoooooooth.  As for helmet hair? No understatement there. Bumble and Bumble have nothing on Arai and Shoei . I got my M-1 two years ago and bought a motorcycle. Two months later, I was rear-ended while in my car -- my really easy to see red car -- and my back hasn't been the same since. It's one way to keep the chrome on a bike bug-free. :-( Anyway... But I'm a heck of a pillion . No, not an animal pelt.