Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Planetary Pronunciation Gone South

First, there was a question of the location of the spare toilet paper. @ couldn’t find it. He looked in the right places. I told him to check the shelf at eye level. Oops, wrong eyes. TG had put it at eye level, except it was his eye level. (Remember, the T stands for Tall…) Even better, it was at the back of the shelf.

TG's choice of TP placement brought on a discussion of whether he was opposed to @ actually using toilet paper. TG claimed he was trying to get @ to think about Star Trek. @ had to think a second… Wait, Klingons? Yep.

“Stop… that’s not funny.”

Somehow that brought up a question of pronunciation. Specifically, is the name of the planet pronounced yur-ay-niss or yurin-us? Where’s the syllable emphasis? Is it a long a or a short a? Because yur-ay-niss just sounds gross and yurin-us doesn’t sound much better and it doesn’t even make sense anyway. I mean, why would pee come out of something labeled with a word that actually has the word has anus in it? See, it doesn't make sense at all.

“Mom! Stop.”

Come on @, we just want you to think about astronomy. You know, like exploring dark space.

“Stop… That’s not funny. It's just not funny.” He threatened to lock us out of the house.