Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gremlin, Defined

No doubt about it, my son is a character. Unfortunately, this weekend he chose to be a character from an as-yet-unwritten story about gremlins who take over the universe while laughing maniacally and peeing on the front lawn. Honestly, I don't think he felt well. He fought naps like they were a upstart nation invading his precious homeland. I think he said, "I don't want to" more times today than in his entire life thus far.

On the plus side, he helped wash my car and pick tomatoes from the garden. He's convinced we need to eat the pumpkins (two are orange) and was very excited to see that several new ones made an appearance in the garden while we were gone last week. The coolest part of it is that he planted the pumpkin vine and the darn thing is amazingly healthy and prolific.

He has an interesting ability to distinguish "snail buddies" from "yucky snails," each of which meet a different fate. The yucky snails are taught to fly (usually unsuccessfully) and the snail buddies are carefully placed somewhere safe from trampling dog feet. I, personally, have no idea how to tell which is which, so my snail flight lessons are always conducted without the wee boy in view.

As for me...

I survived a week in Anaheim at the annual company user group dealie. I had a product launch that nearly killed me--it's good that it was a con call instead of a face-to-face when the IT guy suggested I tell the "speakers" in the product announcement press conference not to mention the products. Prior to the press conference, the CEO mentioned the release in his keynote. (Sure, let me page him mid keynote and make sure he doesn't say anything... That's job security...)
The press conference was at 10:00a.
The pages? Live at 9:56a.
Respirations? Resumed at 10:07a.
Blood pressure? Normalized by noon.
Headache? Next morning, definitely.