Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Lucky Lunch

So... I go to the cafeteria today and wait in line to get a nice healthy stir fry of tofu and vegetables. Then, I hike all the way:
through the maze of the parking lot
across the street (over the light-rail tracks)
back to my building
up the stairs
to my desk

There, I open my lunch, take a bite, and then...


Dammit, those ARE legs.

Freakin' cricket in my lunch.

I know crickets are supposed to be lucky, but are they still lucky if they're in a stir fry?

How lucky can the cricket be if it ended up in a wok?
And is lucky to eat a cricket?
Or unlucky to eat an unlucky cricket?
Or neither, because once it's been fried, it's just a fried bug?

How did my lunch turn into a philosophical dilemma?

I didn't eat the cricket.
Sparky gave me some carrots.
Janet gave me some soup.

I considered putting the cricket in interoffice mail to the cafeteria manager, but left him voice mail instead to ask if they charged extra for crickets. He called back to assure me it was an organic cricket because all of the produce is organic. I feel MUCH better with that factoid!

1 comment:

Mark said...

So, what is a non-organic cricket? Is it a genetic difference or a do the crickets make a choice to live a different lifestyle to be considered organic? What type of diet do they eat in order to be organic? Did the cafe charge you extra for the additional topping?