Thursday, February 21, 2008

Marge in Seattle

I've been introducing myself as Marge on conference calls this week. I sound like a 67-year-old smoker with a two-pack-day habit. I got tired of people saying, "who is this?!" So I now have a sister. (No, I haven't actually always wanted one.)

Unfortunately Marge doesn't have the same respect for health as I do. My abs are rock solid, not from exercise, but very active coughing.

But here I am in sunny Seattle working with some of my favorite co-workers. Had I known that my lungs would have felt better as checked luggage, I wouldn't have boarded a plane. I thought the fever had been the worst of it, but I keep hearing estimates that the cough lasts six weeks, maybe just four. WHAT?!

The Seattle office is adjacent to Seattle Center and Space Needle, walking distance to the Music Experience (going next time!), strolling distance to the Seattle Art Museum sculpture garden (so cool!), and within a few blocks of all sorts of good restaurants and such.

They claim it's always rainy up here. Clear skies since I arrived. I head home tomorrow, where the weather has been icky all week. Last night's lunar eclipse was amazing in a pure dark sky above the trees off my mom's back porch. I drive my horrid little rental car (resembling an orange popsicle, but much slower) here each afternoon after my day in the big city.

Despite Marge, it has been a good trip. This trip has been a comfortable excursion, almost with its own routines and comfort zones -- something about familiar people and things to do, even in an unfamiliar place. It's not my home, but aspects of it feel like a homecoming.

@ and I will come back in the summer just for play. Hopefully we'll leave Marge at home.

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F.S. said...

Hey Kim,

I have the same illness. Came down with it Monday, got over all the symptoms except the cough in three days. I'll be coughing for a month? Geez.

When I was up in Seattle last November, I went into the EMP just to see Captain Kirk's chair in the attached Sci Fi museum. Nerd, moi?


P.S. Yes, I'm subscribed to your blog. When you post, I know. Scary, huh?