Friday, February 1, 2008

Stepping into a Cliche

I went to the courthouse today to file more paperwork related to my divorce. I stood in line with several other people, handed over the papers, got them stamped (ca-chunk, ca-chunk) by the clerk, and ta-da... yet another step in the process is now complete. It's a rather clinical.

Then... I went shoe shopping.

I had to laugh at myself. Multiple times. Oh look, here I am indulging in an oh-so-cliche form of retail therapy. How weird does this feel? Oh so very weird! Oh so very funny.

Then I thought, where would a guy in the same situation go?

A Corvette dealership?

P.S. Yes, I bought more than one pair. :-)
P.P.S. Do a Google image search on "midlife crisis" -- amazing how many Corvette pix pop up! Or maybe not amazing at all.

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