Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flamin' Amazin'

Oddly enough, or not, one of our annual traditions has become going to a local car show out in the woods where LD lives. It's an interesting deal with an odd crowd.

LD usually enters a car in the show, but this year opted out -- something about energy, spiderwebs, 104 degree heat, etc.

So, this year we were spectators. My faves are usually the 32-34 Ford Fordor or Tudor hot rod restorations and I'll admit I have a thing for flame paint jobs. One of the cars this year has the most bad-a** flames I've seen to date.

The flames trail from the front with little bursts on the sides.

And then there's the trunk...

(The trunk pic is worth double clicking to see larger, trust me.)

Keep in mind, this is all free-hand work. I can't draw freehand with a pencil and a giant eraser. Whoever did this work, did it on a car -- no eraser.

@'s fave is a delivery sedan he calls the "bug car" because he likes the headlight covers.

And for the flame traditionalists among you... for runner-up in the fabu flames category we have this colorful rod.

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