Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Another Day at the Office

Imagine if you will... It's Thursday afternoon in Cubeville.
  • 3:17: Tra la la la. Sitting at your desk. La la la. Getting ready to leave at 3:45 for physical therapy. La la la.
  • 3:18: A senior VP sends an e-mail to 5,000 people to announce this really great Web project -- you guessed it, the same one you'd been asked to hold until you received her approval.
  • 3:19: Cubedwellers in earshot here a very perky, "Well, I guess that's approval!" Initiate IM search for Web developers. Uh, guys...
  • 3:27: Compose e-mail, "Dear Boss and Boss's Boss, Imagine my surprise..."
  • 3:35: Site is live -- warts and all.
  • 3:45: Warts removed.
  • 4:05: Praising existence of carpool lane on 101, consider personal budget for lavish gifts to Web developers.
  • 4:35: Arrive at physical therapy prepared to get pummeled by 6'2" guy who has to release sciatic nerve tension by thumbs into calf and elbow into hamstrings and glutes.
Tra la la. La. LA LA LA!

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