Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hiatus for the Cape & Tights

I realized my invisible superwoman cape isn't working. I sent it to the wrong dry cleaners and they used some sort of solvent that neutralized my superpowers. That's what I get for trying to save a buck.

OK, honestly, I was never quite comfortable in the tights either. The stilettos gave me blisters. And the leotard always gave me a wedgie, which made the cape useful until I remembered it was invisible.

Why is it that superheroes always have such ridiculous wardrobes? If they're superheros, wouldn't they have the special powers to save the world in jeans, a t-shirt, and flip-flops?

Big decision. I'm taking time off to get back to healthy, feisty, and strong.

My ego tried to convince me that I could simultaneous climb Everest, juggle flaming chainsaws, work full time, keep up with @, and figure out how to live without snobbishly good dark chocolate as the fourth food group (the others were fruits & veggies, tofu, and whole grains).

Hmmm... There might be a wee bit of exaggeration there. But it sure sounds like a fairly realistic list of "mom" things at first glance.

So it's learning time. Learning to adjust to the new hobbies of my digestive system so I can get back to my normal frenetic kid-chasing, dog-walking, hill hiking, etc. self. (I think I leave the falling out of trees behind.) Or whatever the new version of my self happens to be.

And away we go -- in my comfy clothes.

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