Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Human Reply to Auto-Reply FAIL

A guy I work with, but whom I've never met in person, responded to my out-of-the-office auto-reply e-mail with "Are you having a baby?"

Wha? Huh? Who in the h**...?

My first thought was to respond, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. It's yours."

As an absolutely hilarious comedian* I saw last winter would say, "First thought wrong..."

I didn't go with the first thought. Nor did I opt for the...
  • 2nd: see above italics
  • 3rd: "Been there, done that. Please donate to the March of Dimes"
  • 4th: "Have we met?"
  • 5th: "Please be available to field calls from HR."
  • 6th: "Please see the attached photo from my endoscopy."
  • 7th...
*Mark Lundholm.

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