Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dreams of a Gallerina

When I was a kid, I wanted to live in the mountains where I could hear a river run and avoid asphalt as much as possible. But this ain't about me. I am not the gallerina.

There's a lot to be said for dreaming great dreams of what could be. There are big dreams and little dreams and in between dreams. And moving from dream to reality sometimes takes some pretty big chances. Once in awhile life plays out in ways that say "now, take the chance now."

And Valerie did.
Valerie dreamt dreams of opening a gallery. Of being a gallerina. I just happened to watch the dreams unfold from a bit of a distance. (Google Maps tells me it is geographically about 57.6 miles.) Vicarious dreaming.

Not so long ago the gallerina worked in Silicon Valley corporate cubeville. And then the stars aligned, world conspired, and life otherwise fell into place to tell her "now, take the chance now."

Vorres Gallery - Presidio Heights - San Francisco
Vorres Gallery - - Pacific Heights, San Francisco
And now this is the gallerina's dream, V Vorres Gallery is a beautiful space in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. It's the physical transformation of vision to reality, with walls, doors, windows, paint, lighting, and most important art.

The art on the walls proves that dreams of what could be, can be.

In San Francisco? Set your GPS to 3681 Sacramento Street and dream.

As for me... At some point I dreamed of being a cowgirl, then I wanted to be on the Olympic soccer team. After that I think I moved on to wanting to be a writer. And I am indeed a writer. However, not quite the writer who lives near minimal asphalt and can hear a river run through the open window that overlooks an amazing meadow at the edge of the treeline. 

In due time...

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How beautiful Kim, Living the Dream!