Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dog Cookies

Ah, New Year's Eve. A night fit for profound thought. Or not... @ and I were talking about cookies. He decided I should make dog cookies for blue doggie (his constant snooze companion).

Me: Do I make them out of real dogs?

@: Dog cookies aren't made from dogs, they're made from things dogs like.

Me: But apple pies are made from apples, not things apples like. 

@: Just make them out of cat poo. Dogs like cat poo, especially Butchie.

Me: Eeeeew, that sounds pretty gross. 

@: But it's funny too, right?

Me: Yep, it's gross and funny.

@: Oh, and it has to be really fresh so the dogs are attracted by the smell.

 It's official. I've been verbally one-upped by a six-year-old.

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