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My superpower is content and delivery. I'm a writer, storyteller, editor, social media geek, and marketer. I turn nerdspeak into businessspeak, utilizing content assets and channels to create user journeys. In my previous role, I was known as "The Lorax of collaboration marketing" because I spoke for the trees people!

Find me on Twitter as @techsnarketer or on LinkedIn.

Sample Work

Site Copy

At Pure Storage, I manage development and editing of copy for purestorage.com. In addition to collaborating with publishing and UX to do content design for page templates, I edit and author content across the site. 
I did the research and wrote the content for several infographic series, working with a design team to execute the final projects. We used the infographics as the basis for social media campaigns and blog posts targeting business-oriented audiences.

Blog posts

While at Cisco, my posts covered a broad spectrum of topics, from industry stories to leadership content and competitive articles. I edited all posts at blogs.cisco.com/collaboration in addition to ghostwriting for executives and coaching new bloggers. Everything here is content published under my own name Competitive Campaigns: These posts served as the call-to-action target for social and digital campaigns focused on specific competitors. Event Coverage: Events are a great way to connect with people, but you have a much larger audience beyond the event itself. In addition to extensive live social media coverage, I wrote daily wrap-up posts to bring highlights and perspective to a broader audience.

Online Tool

The structure and content of the Collaboration Use Case Tool help present the business case for collaboration technology, starting with the customer priorities, identifying use cases of technology, then outlining the products involved. Originally developed for sales-enablement, we coded it to support three audiences: customers, sales teams, and partners. I had the developers build the tool using XML to simplify updates without the need for expensive vendor effort.


Working on video requires a much different set of brain cells than text-based content. The scripting needs to tell a story, while working with the images and having a cadence that works with the soundtrack. I've been involved in a variety of video projects, from high-end shiny messaging to event recaps to an amusing riff on "The Office."

Brand Messaging

Event Coverage: Condensing a 2+ hour monster keynote and demo-palooza into three minutes wasn't an easy task, but I worked with our video production team to hit the highlights and deliver the key messages of the Webex re-launch.  

Collaboration in Toyland: Starting with a blank page, a tight budget, and internal talent, we created 13 episodes highlighting technology use cases in a humorous storyline. Vendor: XLNS Films

Multichannel service

Remote experts 

More about me...

I've been surrounded by high-tech since it became "a thing." I learned BASIC programming on a PET computer with an external cassette tape drive. And I remember when the land where my last office is now was an orange grove. (And that doesn't make me all that old...) In the world beyond work, I have a family, dogs, a motorcycle. I laugh. A lot. I'm the marketing director for International Extremity Project, a nonprofit medical mission, and travel to Vietnam and Namibia to assist with patient care. I started the Cisco corporate team for the March of Dimes, which raised more than $6 million.

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