Details + Details + Details = TMI

TG likes to explain things. All sorts of things. And he likes details. Lots of details. Like today, he didn't have a level in Soquel because he didn't bring one from home so when he went to the store with J, B, and the kids he bought a new one.

I made the mistake of making a pun about "taking things to a new level." And somehow that jump-started a very detailed discussion of cabinet installation. And about 17 other things.

Cabinet installation was detailed enough (two sinks, with a bank of drawers in the middle, bead board trim, and they're coming to measure for the countertop on Tuesday if you must know). But it somehow also involved the height and placement of light fixtures and that there were two instead of one because each sink gets its own and so he had to move the junction box for the fixtures and the previous homeowners had done it wrong before and the wires didn't have the right insulation so it was a fire hazard. And did I mention that the cabinets have bead board? Oh, I did. And then B bought light bulbs. But they didn't like the first light bulbs he brought home because the color was wrong or weird or just not right, so B went back to the store later and got different light bulbs and they were the LED Edison style bulbs that B didn't think he'd like because he likes the incandescent Edison bulbs, but TG explained that he should take another look at the LED ones because they use less electricity and they don't get as hot. So not only did B get the LED ones, but it turns out that he liked them and they weren't $8 each like the first ones he saw because these were two for about $10. And not only does B like them, but so do J and TG and all is well in the world of light bulbs for bathroom light fixtures above the sinks in the new bathroom cabinets with the bead board trim.

It all comes out in really long sentences where I'm not sure how he spits them out without pausing to breathe. I half expect to look up and see that he's turning funny colors because he forgot to breathe while detailing the exciting story of the light bulbs.

So I mentioned that I appreciated hearing about his day, but I probably didn't need quite so much detail. Because all that detail might take a really long time. And I don't like to think that my eyes are glazing over when my dear TG is telling me things, but when we get down to the nuts and bolts -- quite literally -- and the wire insulation... How much can a girl take?

"OK, yes, too much detail," he says. And the next cabinets will be in the kitchen, but that won't be for awhile, but they wanted this dishwasher in one spot so it would be close to the sink, but then it would be too close to the corner unit and he had B stand there and TG stood next to that to represent the dishwasher so J would be able to see how it all fit. And she decided that she probably didn't want the dishwasher there after all.

Then he started to talk about the placement of the refrigerator.

And I stopped him.

And I warned him.

"If you start coming out of the bathroom and telling me about consistency and length and smooth exits and presence or absence of corn, we're done. It's over."

And then he laughed so hard I thought he might pee. But he was laughing so hard that he couldn't go into any more details about the fridge. So, I guess I won.
blah, blah, blah -- literally, that's what the picture is

P.S. I've been advised (by TG) that I omitted the whole section about re-routing the plumbing to change the bathroom from a one-sink unit to a two-sink unit and how that involved also fixing the plumbing in the second bathroom and now all the venting is properly angled instead of totally wrong. But really, I was trying to spare you the details, details, details.


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