On 2 Wheels, Or 3!

New roads, goofy friends, helmet hair, and lots of laughing. That's an understatement -- the part about the laughing. Maybe goofy is an understatement too. As for helmet hair? No understatement there. Bumble and Bumble have nothing on Arai and Shoei.

Ride Reports
We go on some pretty cool rides all around Northern California, sometimes for a few hours and sometimes for a few days. I've decided that the adventures are definitely blog fodder, so here they are. Links to the routes are included in the posts.

Along the Way
Where to eat (or not), where to stay (or not), and what to do.
The Backstory 
I ride a Can-Am Spyder ST Limited -- also known as my "big girl tricycle," also known as Trixie -- usually with a big goofy grin on my face.

I got my M-1 and bought a Harley Dyna Low FXDL, a.k.a. Blue Hoggie. Two months later, I was rear-ended while in my really easy to see red car and my back hasn't been the same since. I joined a local motorcycle group through Meetup so I could ride as a passenger.

I showed up at the first ride with my gear knowing no one. It turned out pretty well. (An understatement.) Somewhere along the way I met TG, which was definitely and unexpected bonus :-) I'm a heck of a pillion, but love having my own ride.

Now I'm in three groups, traversing all sorts of roads with some very cool people. And laughing. A lot. We start each ride with a serious safety talk. Biggest rules are to ride within your abilities and leave your ego in the parking lot.

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